Building Grit in your employees through two ACT and CBT cultivations

Research and numerous psychological protocols, books and online literature discuss various approaches to building Grit. I would like to discuss two approaches which which are both strategies or cultivations taken from Acceptance and Commitment Training (ACT) and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy/Coaching (CBT) . These two approaches consist of:

1) Firstly building perseverance by enduring stress and coming into contact with distress. This can initially appear to be difficult, tricky and counterintuitive to those practicing openness to distress and not immediately trying to initiate their difficult emotional experiences. It is also initially a difficult process for HR and organisational development specialists to carry out and is often easier to implement by experts in stress tolerance training. The tools and strategies used for building distress tolerance mainly assist individuals in staying in difficult situations and discomfort and reducing avoidance and coping behaviours (as these may actually act against building resilience), and building openness to discomfort and acceptance of the associated psychological and emotional painful experiences.

2) The second strategy consists of developing values based action. Having employees be more aware of their values- tied with their goals, is known to drive up motivation and perseverance towards achieving their goals and related goal orientated behaviours. Values clarification assists employees in understanding why they desire to achieve a particular goal and what is meaningful and important to them in regards to the behaviours they do to carry out that goal. There are some compelling studies from within the ACT literature linking values development and values based action to psychological resilience and perseverance in difficult situations or when under significant emotional distress.

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