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The Role of Consulting Psychology in Business

Consulting Psychologists apply their clinical skills to transform your business!

The role of consulting psychology in business

A Consulting Psychologist usually a clinical psychologist, with multiple levels of experience in both the clinical and applied behavioural science domains, who provides specialised technical assistance to individuals or organisations, in regard to the psychological aspects of their work. Consulting Psychologists may have as clients: individuals, institutions, agencies, corporations, governments or other kinds of organisation. When meeting with a Consulting Psychologist the consultation work begins with Entry or first contact, moving through Diagnosis and Implementation and ending with explicit Disengagement.

Entry often entails figuring out what the individual, group or organisations needs are. The Diagnosis is often a psychological formulation of the situation needing attention, so that practical (pragmatic) and appropriate steps may be taken to change, prevent or grow according to the goals established through the Diagnostic formulation. Implementation usually involves a set number of meetings each planned to deliver upon the set out Diagnostic formulation. Implementation is a collaborative process, aimed at growth, development and change, rather than merely a 'clinical treatment or cure'.

It is very important to note that a Consulting Psychologist uses scientifically proven psychological, cognitive, emotional and behavioural strategies in their processes. These are noted to be significantly advantages over traditional organisational- interpersonal approaches, as the Consulting Psychologist is a scientist practitioner- delivering a state of the art practice geared towards growth, change and ultimately enhancement.

An example of how a consulting psychologist may apply some of their knowledge and skills in an organisational setting include:

· Understanding human behaviour, emotion and cognition

· Evidence based behaviour modification and optimisation

· Stress and Anxiety reduction and management

· Improving interpersonal relating and emotional intelligence

· Conflict resolution

· Personality and group profiling

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