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Why Neuroscience has a Place in Business

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Why Neuroscience has a place in business

Applying principles from neuroscience to business decision making, is fast becoming important practice in many areas of an organizations functions, from leadership, recruitment to change management and even sales. For example many of our understandings of decision making are of a folk psychological nature. That means they are largely based on a popular myths and common sense psychological speculations.  An important reason for these myths, is that they are often based on our basic intuitions and beliefs about the human mind. Unfortunately much of these understandings and intuitions are incorrect and often unhelpful.

Some examples of where neuroscience is contributing to organizational and business development include: 

- There are few good psychological recipes to improve motivation, but the psychological Behavior Activation research and Acceptance and Commitment training offer powerful means of improving committed and decisive action

- Understanding that negative consequences and punishment/repraisel, sometimes leveled by individuals in management, shut down learning and cooperation, as these strategies tend to activate fear centers of the brain that override important brain processes involved in decision making- called executive functioning 

- Trust is formed by the acknowledgment of the others potisiton and belief systems more so than by fostering respect through ones own actions and beliefs (i.e. wanting the other individual do adopt ones own position). This can be an essential tenet in leadership development.; as some leadership qualities are sometimes interpreted as the power of command and persuasion, which may in fact reduce trust and cooperation in groups (especially over the long term)   

"There is no scientific study more vital to man than the study of his own brain. Our entire view of the universe depends on it." Francis Crick 

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